Vaseem Khan’s review of IN STRANGERS’ HOUSES

I’m absolutely thrilled with this lovely review of IN STRANGERS’ HOUSES from Vaseem Khan. He’s one of my favourite crime writers – his books deal with serious subjects but have a lovely warmth to them. And who wouldn’t love a detective that has a baby elephant as a sidekick!

“IN STRANGERS’ HOUSES is a warmly crafted crime debut, perfect for our multicultural age. In Lena Szarka, a Hungarian cleaner on the trail of her best friend’s killer, we have a character designed for muddy, post-Brexit London. Lena’s strong heart and indomitable spirit shine through as Mundy offers up a colourful list of suspects, and enough twists and turns to keep us guessing. But it is the author’s wit that sparkles most brightly. She breathes life into both the dark underbelly of London, and the Hungary of Lena’s youth, mixing the gritty with the comic to great effect. A worthy beginning to a new series.” Vaseem Khan

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