Publication day has arrived!

It’s finally here. I started writing IN STRANGERS’ HOUSES in Spring 2013 on a stunning yoga and creative writing holiday with Philippa Pride, AKA The Book Doctor. I finished my final draft in early 2016, found a fabulous agent in the spring, a wonderful publisher that summer, finished final edits by the winter and now it is ready to go into the world!  Its beautiful cover is adorning the shelves of Sainsbury’s, Waterstones, independents and of course the virtual shelves of Amazon.

My baby son Teddy helped me celebrate at 3am this morning with a dirty nappy – he didn’t want me to miss a moment of publication day.

Thanks to everyone who has bought a copy so far – I hope you enjoy it!





‘In Strangers’ Houses’ – Elizabeth Mundy

Thanks to A Cup of Tea and a Mystery for this lovely five star review of IN STRANGERS’ HOUSES

A Cup of Tea and a Mystery

In Strangers' Houses by [Mundy, Elizabeth]

This is a refreshing and topical take on the British amateur sleuth: a Hungarian cleaner, who has access to the houses of the great and the good in London, is desperately trying to find out what happened to her missing friend and colleague by cleaning the houses she last serviced.  By being entrusted with people’s properties for a few hours, Lena Szarka is able to draw conclusions, profile clients and follow a twisty trail that reveals sad and unpleasant truths .

This was an entertaining and enlightening read.  I enjoyed learning about Hungarian culture and the immigrant cleaner’s challenges in modern-day Britain and found Lena a likeable, intelligent and engaging protagonist.  London and the other characters are very well drawn and the story runs along nicely, sprinkled with humour and mounting tension, as shocking lies and truths are revealed when Lena’s investigation reaches a climax.

I heartily recommend this book…

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Elizabeth Mundy talks to Crime Time

A piece on my Hungarian relatives immigrating to America features in Crime Time this week.

‘Curse you Christopher Columbus,’ said Magdaléna, my great grandmother, when her boat finally approached New York. She’d mistaken the Statue of Liberty for the explorer who discovered America. After 18 days beteg as a dog in steerage she wished the country had never been found.’ Click to continue reading.


Vaseem Khan’s review of IN STRANGERS’ HOUSES

I’m absolutely thrilled with this lovely review of IN STRANGERS’ HOUSES from Vaseem Khan. He’s one of my favourite crime writers – his books deal with serious subjects but have a lovely warmth to them. And who wouldn’t love a detective that has a baby elephant as a sidekick!

“IN STRANGERS’ HOUSES is a warmly crafted crime debut, perfect for our multicultural age. In Lena Szarka, a Hungarian cleaner on the trail of her best friend’s killer, we have a character designed for muddy, post-Brexit London. Lena’s strong heart and indomitable spirit shine through as Mundy offers up a colourful list of suspects, and enough twists and turns to keep us guessing. But it is the author’s wit that sparkles most brightly. She breathes life into both the dark underbelly of London, and the Hungary of Lena’s youth, mixing the gritty with the comic to great effect. A worthy beginning to a new series.” Vaseem Khan